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Our Beauty Tips
July 31, 2012 | Tapia Beauty

City of Light

Sampar Skin White Velvet Mousse (City of Light) deeply cleans, unifies skin tone, lightens skin discolorations, and removes make-up and impurities. The micro peeling mousse is fast-acting and prepares the skin for products that will enhance radiance. Key ingredients in the White Velvet Mousse include: Arbutin (inhibit melanin production); AHA Fruit Acids (helps eliminate dead surface cells and increases luminosity); Chamomile Extract (soothes the epidermis); Green Tea Extract (lightens the complexion and tones the skin); and Probiotic Enzymes (stimulates the natural exfoliation process and deeply regenerates the epidermal layer). Sampar Skin White Velvet Mousse (City of Light) is suitable for all skin types.

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