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Our Beauty Tips
May 23, 2012 | Tapia Beauty

Obsession — Sampar Eye Rule

Eye moisturizer is eye moisturizer — except when it’s Sampar’s Eye Rule pen. What makes this little tool so neat? Rather than being a regular old tube of eye cream, the Eye Rule delivers its moisturizing goodness via a cool rollerball applicator.

Sure, the moisturizer contains anti-aging properties and boosts cellular repair. And yes, it employs all kinds of natural ingredients like oat extract, red raspberry seed oil and argan oil. But let’s be honest — we really just love running the little rollerball over our eye area — especially during a sinus headache or a particularly brutal hangover.


  • A fresh and light fluid texture
  • Excellent hydrating base which helps make up last longer
  • The steel roller ball applicator drains and refreshes the eye contour
  • anti bags and anti dark circles action boosted
  • 1 click = 1 dose = 2 eyes
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