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8 simple steps to purify, cleanse and moisturize the skin, combined with the best ingredients.

Velvet Cleansing Milk Cleansing milk
200 ml bottle
Removes face, eyes & lips make-up (even waterproof). Brighten by cleaning pollution particles. Soothes the skin.
Every day
All skin types
Rose water, Lime blossom flower, Urban Advance complex*
Skin Quenching Mist Moisturizing face toner
200 ml bottle
Refreshes and softens the skin
Decongests the eye contour
May be sprayed over make-up for added hold
Every day
All skin types
Essential oil of geranium, Cornflower water, Orange blossom flower, Lime blossom flower, Lesser Centaury Extract, Urban Advance complex*
Urban Express Mousse Protecting make-up remover
bottle 100 ml
Cleanses the face
Removes make-up
Boosts the complexion
Every day
All skin types
Chamomile extract, Green tea extract, Arbutin, Urban advance complex*
Equalizing Foam Peel Granule-free exfoliator
50 ml airless bottle
Brightens the skin by removing unhealthy and dead skin cells. Stimulates new cell growth to ease away fine lines and wrinkles. Boosts skin natural defense
One to three times a week. All skin types
Probiotic enzymes, Essential oils (lavender, sage, savory, thyme, rosemary et geranium). Urban Advance complex*
Ultra Hydrating Fluid Active moisturizing emulsion
50 ml airless bottle
Long-lasting hydration with antioxydant protection. Restructures skin barrier.
Plumps skin
Every day
All skin types
Vitamin E, White lupine protein, Hyaluronic acid, Essential fatty acids, Sweet almond protein, Urban Advance complex*
So Much to Dew Midnight Mask Hydrating and replenishing mask
50ml tube with brush
Reproduces the skin’s hydrolipidic film Perfectly hydrates the skin from the 1st night Restores the skin’s natural water reservoir Replenishes the skin, soaking it in freshness
Every night
All skin types
Smart Hydrating Complex, Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, Urban Advance* complex
3 Day Weekend Hint of tan moisturizing gel
50ml airless bottle
Maintains 24-hour hydration. Gives a natural hint of tan with no sun, no self-tanners and no make-up. Actives & prolongs tan. Safeguard sun resistance capital.
All skin types
Cimicifuga, Pro-melanotrope peptide, Hydrocomplex, SSP (Smart Sun Prevention), Urban Advance complex*
So Much To Dew Day Cream Active moisturizing cream
50ml airless bottle
24-hour moisturization: Instantly quenched, your skin is plumped and rehydrated
Energizing action: Soaked in moisture, your skin is reinvigorated. Concentrates vital water at the heart of cells, protects the skin from harmful UV’s and leaves it replenished
Every Day
All skin types
Smart Hydrating Complex
Hyaluronic Acid
Essential Fatty Acids
Urban Advance Complex*
Pure Perfection

An invigorating yet soothing sensorial voyage that restores your skin’s original silky softness.

Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser Purifying make up remover
125 ml tube
Cleans impurities
Detoxifies the skin
Eliminates shine
Mixed and oily skin
Essential oils (cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, clove)
Essential oil of sage, Urban Advance complex*
Clear Solution Mask Purifying mask
50 ml tube
Absorbs impurities. Clarifies and adds luminosity to the complexion. Unclogs pores and absorbs impurities, without drying out the skin
1 or twice a week
Mixed and oily skin
Lime blossom water, Sweet almond oil.  Kaolin  - Zinc.  Essential oil of geranium. Urban Advance complex*
Prodigal Pen Anti-blemishes pen
6 ml roll-on
Corrects localized imperfections minimizing scars Purifies skin and calms irritated spots Reduces redness and soothes inflammation
4 – 5 times a day
Essential oils: cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, clove, sage
Barely There Moisture Fluid Hydrating light emulsion
50 ml tube
Mattifies & rebalances blemish-prone skin. Provides long-lasting moisturization.
Soothes & protecs the skin
Every day
Mixed and oily skin
Essential oils: cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage
Sweet almond protein, zinc, Urban Advance complex*
Nocturnal Rescue Mask Anti-blemish nocturnal mask
30 ml bottle
Forms a repairing film to rescue damaged skin Eliminates redness and spots Mattifies skin
Every night Mixed and oily skin
Lentil extract Vitamin F (omega 3 / omega 6) Horse chestnut extract Soy protein Urban Advance complex*
Poreless Magic Peel Anti-blemish fluid
30 ml bottle
Resurfaces and unifies blemish prone skin Unclogs pores Erases blemishes and impurities
Mixed and oily skin
Glycolic Acid Lens extract Chaulmoogra, cumin noir and manuka oils Urban Advance complex*
City of Light

Innovative formulas that surmount environmental aggressions for clear, clean and uniform skin bathed in light.

White Velvet Mousse Lightening cleansing foam
Bottle 100 ml
Removes face and eyes make-up Prepares skin for brightening skincare Protects the skin against harmful pollution
Every day
All skin types
AHAs, Enzymes, Chamomile extract, Green tea extract, Urban Advance complex*
Street A Peel Lightening Serum
30 ml airless bottle
Brightens complexion
Treats pigmentation spots (UV rays, pregnancy mask, age)
Diminishes eyes dark circles
Every day
All skin types
Keratoline enzyme, Vitamin B3, Vitamin F + BGlucan, Urban Advance complex*
Spot Lighter Lightening pen
1,8 ml
Lightens pigmentation spots caused by UV rays, pregnancy mask and the aging process
Every day
All skin types
Subtilisine enzymes, Citrus bioflavonoids, Chamomile extract, Urban Advance complex*
Age of Antidote

An exquisite line of genuine anti-age elixirs for women looking to leave the signs of aging behind.

Vivid Radiance Serum Anti-aging serum
30 ml airless bottle
Prevents and smoothes wrinkles Firms facial contours Lifts, diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines
Every day
Mature skin
Peptides, Hibiscus extract, Acerola, Sweet almond protein, Urban Advance complex*
Lavish Dream Cream Anti-aging cream
50 ml airless jar
Nourishes and redensifies skin. Acts deeply on wrinkles. Tightens and lifts the skin.
Every day
Mature skin
Peptides, Grenoble nut extract, Jojoba oil and shea butter, Acerola, Urban Advance complex*
Eye Rule Eye contour day cream
10 ml roll-on
Anti-wrinkles and dark circles for a smoother and fresher look Provides a long – lasting moisturization
Every day
Argan Oil Red raspberry seed oil Adenosine Peptides RSP complex (licorice, marigold and butcher’s broom) Urban Advance complex*
Splendid “Eyes” Elation Eye contour night gel
10 ml roll-on
Diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and laugh lines. Soothes eyes puffiness and dark circles.
Every night
Grenoble nut extract, White lupin, Horse chestnut extract and cornflower water, Urban Advance complex*
Nocturnal Line-up Mask Nighttime antiaging mask
50 ml Airless jar
Anti ageing mask that boosts skin’s metabolic activity. Boosts collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Resurfaces, firms and rebuilds
Every night
Mature skins
Adenosine, Biopeptides, Soy isoflavones, Horse chestnut extract Urban Advance complex*
The Impossible C-Rum Anti-aging serum
50ml jar
Restores and maintains the Skin's Firmness Capital. Reduces appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. Redensifies and rebuilds the skin macro-relief. Restores radiance to the face and unifies the complexion.
Every day/night
All skin types
SYR Peptide(Skin Youth Reverse Peptide), Glucosamine-6, CLE (LipoEncapsulated C-vitamin), Adenosine
First Hand Cream Liporepairing cream
50 ml tube
Restores volume and density within the hands.
Smooths wrinkles and lines over time.
Unifies and diminishes appearance of age spots.
Every Day
Bdellium Extract, Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3, Urban Advance Complex*

Reveal your beauty by pairing the instant results of make-up with the simplicity of face care products.

Glamour Shot Universal transparent foundation
30 ml tube
Unifies the complexion. Instantly minimizes wrinkles. Reduces enlarged pores, masks redness and imperfections. Smoothes complexion and mattifies skin
Every Day All skin types
HQA microlens, Oat extract, Encapsulated hyaluronic acid, Urban Advance complex*
Glamour Shot Eyes Transparent under-eye concealer
10 ml
Instantly erases dark circles. Brightens the dark areas around the eyes. Blurs under-eye wrinkles and fine lines.
Every Day
All dark circles color
MIB Complex HQA microlens, Oat extract, Encapsulated hyaluronic acid, Urban Advance complex*
Glamour Shot Matte Perfection Transparent mattifying concealer
15 ml tube
Ensures a 6-hour, non-stop* matte finish. Balances sebum secretions for perfect control of unwanted shine over time. Visibly reduces size of pores. Unifies the complexion.
Every Day
Combination to oily skin
HQA microlens, Lentil Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, β Glucan, Urban Advance
Winsome Body

An invigorating yet soothing sensorial voyage that restores your skin’s original silky softness.

Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub Body sea salt scrub
200 ml jar
Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities Refines skin texture Softens skin
Once or twice a week All skin types
Marine salt Essential oils: peppermint, myrtle, cajuput, lavender, rosemary, geranium Bee wax, Urban Advance complex*
Lift Me Up Bust Cream Bust firming cream
50 ml airless jar
Suitable for pregnant women
Reinforces breast natural support
Firms, adds density and elasticity to the skin
Prevents stretch marks
Every day
All skin types
Horse chestnut and kigelia extracts, Vitamin E, Acerola, Biopeptides, Urban Advance complex*
3 Day Weekend Body Healthy glow moisturizing milk
125 ml tube
Intensely hydrates the body. Gives natural colors to the skin without sun, self-tanners or artificial coloring. Prepares, sublimes and prolongs tan skin. Safeguard sun resistance capital.
Every day
All skin types
Cimicifuga, Pro-melanotrope peptide, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, SSP (Smart Sun Prevention), Urban Advance complex*
Dew It Again Shower Gel Shower gel with essential oils
150 ml tube
Gently cleanses body and eliminates impurities. Reinforces the skin’s natural defense mechanisms. Stimulates both the body and spirit, thanks to its aromatic action.
Every day All skin types
Natural and pure Essential oils (peppermint, myrtle, cajuput, lavender, rosemary, geranium), Vegetal and milk sugar. Urban Advance complex*
Joyous Body Milk Firming and moisturizing body milk
150 ml tube
Maintains an ideal level of moisture in the skin. Tones and firms the skin, keeps it elastic. Refines the skin's texture.
Every day
All skin types
Shea Butter and Horse Chestnut Extract. Soy Extract, Vitamin E, Horse Chestnut and Witch Hazel. Urban Advance Complex *

* Urban Advance Complex
Sampar Urban Advance Complex

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