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July 28, 2012 | Tapia Beauty

The Metabolic Skin Trigger

Within each cell lies the real memory of the skin and carries in it an original beauty that is only revealed provided there is a perfect metabolic balance.

When exposed to urban stress, aggravated skin acts like its on hibernation. Energy and vital functions weaken and cellular regeneration is slowed: skin becomes reactive, dull, marked and

Pioneer of urban cosmetics, SAMPAR created Urban Advance, a powerful alliance of 3 actives, a natural high-tech innovation:

  • Shea butter serum, detoxifier and powerful against free radicals, protects from pollution and reinforces the natural defenses of the skin
  • Mint endorphin, natural anti-inflammatory, soothes redness and irritations instantly
  • Probiotic sugar, source of vital energy for the cells

Genuine cosmetic bubble, Urban Advance stimulates the cells memory, provoking the metabolic skin trigger, resulting in a genuine “cellular shock” that reactivates the skin’s vital functions and enhances the efficiency of SAMPAR’s actives specifically designed to work in
depth at the heart of the cells.

Thanks to this unique synergy, SAMPAR skin care reaches an even higher level of performance.

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