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Moisturizing & Nourishing

Moisturizing & Nourishing

3 Day Weekend Body

Moisturizing body milk, tan activator and extender SKU# SAM15210   |   Size: 4.23 fl oz Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $55.00
Stylishly tanned skin starting with the first rays of sunlight – it’s every city girl’s dream! No need for self-tanners, color-enhancers or even sun when you have 3 Day Weekend Body, the first milky cream to simultaneously hydrate your skin and boost your natural pigmentation.* Its new and empowered formula provides: A 32% increase of melanin levels,* safeguard of 50% of sun resistance capital with SSP (Smart Sun Prevention), and intense 24-hour moisturization. *Ex vivo clinical study, carried out on skin explants kept alive for 14 days following application of 3 Day Weekend.
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Joyous Body Milk

Moisturizing and firming body milk – All skin types SKU# SAM15040   |   Size: 5.07 fl oz Availability: Out of Stock
PRICE: $68.00
Dive into youth and the silkiness of this nourishing and invigorating milky cream. Joyous Body Milk indulges your skin with its non-oily formula, packed with precious active ingredients, restoring and locking in moisture, firmness and tonicity.

Results: The skin is softened, firmed and moisturized day after day.

Suitable for all skin types. Safe for pregnant women.

Lift Me Up Bust Cream

Firming bust cream – All skin types SKU# SAM15030   |   Size: 1.7 fl oz Availability: In Stock
PRICE: $78.00
Inspired by African traditions*, Lift Me Up Bust Cream is a luxury that the bust deserves. Pamper this symbol of femininity with a delicate formula of Kigelia, shea butter and chestnut. Acting as a natural bra, this luscious cream firms and tones to increase support in the bust area.

Results: Hydrated and polished, the area from the breasts to the chin is smoother and invigorated. The bust is firmed, toned and lifted. Extra +: Prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Suitable for all skin types. Safe for pregnant women.
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